Urban lifestyle is responsible for many new emerging trends. Very recently, the concept of extended stay accommodations has emerged. Most global professionals and students agree that travel has increased in frequency today. While earlier hotel accommodations were just fine for such situations, the need for extended stay over meant that newer options had to be sought out. Hotels can get extremely expensive beyond a certain period and most new professionals or college students just do not have that kind of budget to spend.

The concept of extended stay accommodations has now reached almost every area of the world. You can very easily search for such rentals before you make your travel plans to any area. So for instance, if travelling to GA, you can search for Stockbridge apartments for rent that allow extended stay contracts.

With the whole world clamoring on the web, it is only natural to find many such representatives offering extended stay apartments online. They have fully fledged websites where you can ideally get all the information about the apartments and make a booking. Yet, it is important to take the time to thoroughly check these websites to understand the validity of the option of the apartments. In fact, the website test is one of the most concise ways to test the quality of service that you can expect once you reach your accommodations. So if you have searched for vacant rentals in GA and come up with a few website options that offer extended stays, go through the following checklist to confirm with a website test.

Check the quality of the website. If it looks like a static site with one page of information and some sales pitches, the apartment owner has definitely not taken the time to ensure the quality of the website. Chances are the quality of the apartment might also fall short of your expectations. Always check if the owner has provided ample pictures of the apartment from various angles. This shows a level of transparency from the owner’s side. If the website is actually a company, which offers a variety of different extended stay apartments all over the area, you should directly contact the company and ask them to send pictures of the apartment that will be directed for your use.

Check if the website offers a valid payment system. The system should have verified security. It should not be just a bank account number provided for online transactions. Usually a payment system with some kind of control over return is the best option overall. If the website does not accept the major credit cards available in the market, they do not have enough security clearances. To accept major credit cards most companies have to go through extensive credit checks and verifications.

Finally check if the website provides detailed information about the short-term lease and the occupancy lease contracts that you have to sign before moving into the apartments. The terms and conditions for the lease might slightly differ according to the area. Therefore, if you are looking for cheap apartments in Stockbridge GA for extended stays, the lease will have certain different terms that are exclusive to the GA area. The lease should clearly state about the refund, cancellation, and reservation policies of the company.

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