The financial unpredictability of the economy has made it necessary for most people to seek out cheap living arrangements. This is especially important for people just transitioning in to a new phase of their lives – new college co-eds, single professionals making out on their own or new couples starting a family. The trend of finding cheap rental apartments is now quite popular. However, these apartments fall short of the mark in ornamentation and some luxury features, which might cost you a higher rent quote in other apartments. Instead, you can follow the points mentioned below to make the most out of your own cheap rental apartment without bankrupting yourself.

Start by planning a budget that you can shell out to introduce some necessary changes in to your home décor and features. The budget will have to take in to account your monthly disposable income. This income is left after your monthly savings, utilities, and more important expenditures. You should also take into account the living costs for your particular area. So if you are renting cheap apartments in Stockbridge GA, you should go out and window shop in the area to understand the estimated costs of some of the things that you need to spend on.

Space is a major constraint for cheap rental apartments in any area. This might be the case for vacant rentals in GA as well. As a next step, you should take a quick inventory of all your available belongings and compare it against the available space. Categorize your belongings in to three piles – Important, very important and not so important. The not so important pile can be put in storage spaces or donated to charity. The very important pile of belongings should hold your basic furniture pieces, wardrobe and kitchen essentials. You can analyze some of the pieces of the important pile more carefully to make sure the absolute bare minimum of clutter is allowed in your rooms. This will automatically free up a lot of space.

You can introduce good lighting arrangements in your rooms to make them more cheerful. Rental apartments do not allow the introduction of massive changes. You might check with your proprietor if basic changes such as painting the walls or adding extra ventilations in the room are allowed or not. This might be depending on the area. If you are renting Stockbridge apartments, check with the terms and conditions exclusive to your area. You can add various color accents through colorful rugs, cushions, and drapes. Paintings are also another option to add some color in to your rooms without resorting to any permanent changes.

You can also look into neat tricks to get the maximum out of the available space. Adding bookshelves at the end of your kitchen counters will allow you to store your cookbooks and additional recipe CDs within the kitchen. Floor lamps with built in shelves will act as a corner table without having to add another furniture piece for functionality in a room. You can also look in to foldable furniture or concept furniture that can free up space when it is not in use.

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